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Golfer Up

The Golfer Up! Game

The Golfer Up! Game

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  • WHERE GOLF MEETS BASEBALL: Fans of both sports will love this one of a kind Gameplay of chipping foam baseballs into holes laid around a uniquely designed baseball field board. Players must sink their shots to advance the base runner around the bases. Bring the runner around the bases home or hit a Home Run or a Grand Slam to score runs! The player with the most runs at the end of 9 innings wins.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASILY TRANSPORTABLE: The Golfer Up! Game is a single board made out of lightweight aluminum with a faux wood top. It has latches to lock the Game closed when you're not paying and a handle for easy transport. Inside, a mesh zipper net keeps the home plate chipping mat and foam balls secure. You can also throw some snacks, drinks or other kid toys in there too!

  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: Any age can play the Game, if you can swing a club you can enjoy the fun! Kids love sinking holes and adults love the competition. It's an addicting nonstop action Game no matter your skill level. Be the next Golfer Up!

  • QUICK SETUP: Unlock and open the board at the hinges, pull out your home plate chipping mat and the 6 foam baseballs (kid and indoor play safe). Fold out and lock the leg's, find some level Ground and pace off 12ft of space. Drop the mat, take your stance and chip away!

  • PLAY ANYWHERE: In your backyard, in your den, at the beach, at the park, by the pool, while tailgating, in your office, anywhere with 12-15ft of space can be your own personal Golf course, or play remotely against your friend over FaceTime!

  • Number of players: any number