How To Play

Play against a friend one on one, or on teams. There is no limit to how many players can play.
  • Use your golf chipping skills to sink holes and play by the rules of baseball.
  • Simply, you need to score the most runs in nine innings to beat your opponent!
  • Every time you land in a hole that is a "HIT".
  • Each time you miss a hole that is an "OUT.
  • To score runs, you must advance your “base runner” each inning; land balls in the holes to get HOME, before you're OUT!
IMG_2778 3.jpg
  • Each Player/Team gets three outs per inning, just like a traditional game . 
  • Players chip off of the provided Home Plate, placed 12ft from the field (game board) trying to get a “HIT”.
  • If you wiff the shot - you get an out,
  • If you miss the board- you get an out,
  • If you hit the board and it rolls or bounces off - you get an out.
  • Basically- any shot that doesn’t land in a hole is an out!
  • High score after nine innings is the winner, but if there’s a tie then you can go to extra innings.