About Us

Chris and Danny met at Hofstra University and quickly became best of friends. Think of all the great dynamic duos in the world.... SpongeBob and Patrick, R2D2 and C3PO, Captain America and Bucky, that's what you have in us and that bond that hasn't broken even with 3000 miles that separates us.

This game was born from our love of baseball and golf. Not just as fans, but as players of both sports. But, you can't always enjoy an 18 hole round on the course or a nine inning Sandlot pickup game on the diamond.

So, we bring you Golfer Up! 

All skill levels and ages can play! You can play at home in your backyard or indoors when it rains. Play at the local driving range while you're waiting for a spot to open. Get some sun at the beach while you're practicing your sand shots. Take the game to the local park and liven up the family's picnic.

It's lightweight, easily transportable, and everything is secure inside the folded board so you wont lose pieces while caring all the kids stuff!

Anyone that can swing the club can play the game!